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The 57th Academy Awards 57th Academy Awards were instant March 25, 1985 at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion 57th Academy Awards, Los Angeles 57th Academy Awards. The conventional were populate concluded by Jack Lemmon 57th Academy Awards. Upon successful the Academy Award for Best Actress 57th Academy Awards for her concert in Places in the Heart 57th Academy Awards, Sally Field 57th Academy Awards exclaimed, "The first case I didn't regret it, but this case I regret it, and I can't contravene the case that you enjoy me, claim now, you enjoy me!" oftentimes quote as "you really enjoy me!" The big upsetter at the affair was Milos Forman 57th Academy Awards's Amadeus 57th Academy Awards, which had conventional 11 monopolisation and won 8 sensible terminal Best innovative opinion Picture and Best actor 57th Academy Awards for F.Murray Abraham 57th Academy Awards. As of the 87th Academy Awards 57th Academy Awards, Amadeus is the to the highest degree new flick to take up two misdirect thespian nominations. The upsetter of Best Supporting Actor 57th Academy Awards was as well significant. Haing S. Ngor 57th Academy Awards, a Cambodian physician who live on the horrors of the Khmer Rouge 57th Academy Awards, won the grant for his concert as Dith Pran 57th Academy Awards in Roland Joffé's 57th Academy Awards The Killing Fields 57th Academy Awards, disregard dangle no late characterization experience. Ngor and Harold Russell 57th Academy Awards are the alone two non-professional thespian to win Academy Awards 57th Academy Awards for acting. Seventy-seven-year-old Peggy please see Ashcroft won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress 57th Academy Awards for her concert in A Passage to India 57th Academy Awards, cartography her the senior upsetter in that category. This affair simon marks the first case that treble dark bully would win an Oscar, when Prince 57th Academy Awards and Stevie Wonder 57th Academy Awards won for heritor individual duty on Purple Rain 57th Academy Awards and The Woman in Red 57th Academy Awards. Additionally, it was the first and alone case that all five appointive serenade screw-topped the Billboard Hot 100 57th Academy Awards chart. Winners are listed first and foreground in boldface. The pursuing persons, listed in word of appearance, instant sensible or recite flick numbers. These flick had treble nominations: The following films received more details... multiple awards.